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Rescuing a girl and recovering 4 bodies from the rubble of the collapsed property in Assiut so far

The rescue and civil protection forces in Assiut are intensifying their efforts to search for missing persons under the rubble Collapsed house West district.

Major General Essam Saad, Governor of Assiut, stated that a girl was rescued alive from under the rubble and 4 bodies were extracted from the residents of the collapsed house, announcing his continuous follow-up to rescue efforts, searching for missing persons under the rubble, and providing all means of support and assistance.

Engineer Amr Abdel-Aal, Deputy Governor, Major General Engineer Shaker Younis, Secretary-General of the Governorate, Brigadier General Alaa Abdel-Jaber, Assistant Secretary-General of the Governorate, and Muhammad Bashir, Chief of West and his deputies, were also present at the site of the accident to follow up on removing the rubble, rescuing the residents of the property and removing them from the bottom of the rubble, and providing all aspects of support and assistance, and pushing with cars and rapid rescue loaders. In cooperation with the Civil Protection Forces.

And the governor of Assiut confirmed – in a statement issued by the governorate’s information office today – that 12 ambulances, 4 civil protection vehicles and land rescue vehicles were paid, in addition to loaders and mechanical campaign vehicles in the West neighborhood and the rapid rescue unit to quickly remove the rubble and recover the missing residents of the property, and the payment was also made. With the relief team of the Directorate of Social Solidarity, a security cordon was imposed around the house and neighboring houses, and the civil protection forces were able to extract a girl from under the rubble alive, and 4 bodies were extracted from the residents of the house, and the injured girl and the bodies were transferred to Assiut General Hospital, and efforts are being intensified To search for missing residents.

The governor of Assiut had received a notification from the Crisis Management and Central Operations Room in the governorate stating the collapse of a 5-storey house in the Qalta area of ​​​​the West district, and the presence of some missing residents under the rubble and they are being rescued. The collapsed house, directing the civil protection forces, ambulance, and the relief team of Social Solidarity, quickly rescuing the residents, taking all necessary measures, and examining the neighboring houses in order to preserve the lives of citizens.

The governor also ordered the formation of a committee from the Engineering Department in the West District and the Housing Directorate to inspect the house, write a report on the causes of the accident, and take all necessary measures to protect the neighboring houses in order to preserve the lives of their residents. The necessary subsidies and compensation in such cases and providing the necessary health care for the injured in the hospital until they recover.

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