Resentment and another destination.. Garlan Barrera’s hopes of joining Al-Ahly diminish

The environment surrounding Garlan Parreira, player of the Colombian club Atletico Nacional, lost enthusiasm and perhaps hope of concluding a transfer deal to Al-Ahly club this summer.

and learned El-Ahly.comGarlan has two official offers at the moment, one from a North American team and the other from Mexico’s Cruz Azul, and that his agent has entered into serious negotiations to resolve those offers, while Al-Ahly has not submitted any official offer so far.

Cormac Valdebenito, Garlan Parreira’s agent, said: “An offer is expected from Al-Ahly to Nacional next week? I don’t know anything.. I prefer not to talk about the possible deal between Garlan and Al-Ahly.”

He added in exclusive statements to “Why do I say that? Because there is no interest from Al-Ahly so far. So I cannot talk about something that does not exist… Ask Al-Ahly’s administration about these matters. There has been no communication between me and them until now.”

And he continued, in his tone of strong displeasure, “No matter how many offers Garlan Barrera has now, the only thing I can assure you is that there is no offer from Al-Ahly yet.”

He continued talking to“I do not think that Al-Ahly will apply to buy Garlan. An official in Al-Ahly club said that Garlan was not in the club’s plans.”

Koramac concluded: “Thank you for your interest in the matter, but Al-Ahly did not communicate officially, so the matter for us today is as if it is nothing. We wish you and your club success.”

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