Ring offers a first look at its drone to secure your home.. Details

At the end of 2020, Ring showed off a concept device that it promised would be coming to homes at some point in the future. The Always Home Cam is a small drone, designed to zoom in on your home and patrol for intruders when you’re not around, reports engadget.


And now at CES 2023, the company has given us its first realistic look at the hardware in flight, though it’s still reluctant to commit to a release date or price.

And the whole package looks more like a kitchen countertop gadget, a smart breadbasket or the like, rather than a security drone. Another drone on the market, however, it sure looks like one. If you’ve ever upset a pet with a small drone, you can expect a similarly disgruntled animal whenever that thing is on patrol.

The Ring team explained how this would work when it finally debuted, such as the fact that it would cover one floor — ideally the ground floor — in your home. You will train it by holding it (without blocking the camera) and walking around your house on a series of flying corridors. You can set multiple routes and individual waypoints, so if you want to check out the back door, or if you leave the stove on, you can without having to wait too long.

And if it detects something isn’t right, you can also set the camera to pause in mid-air and spin around to monitor the local area.

And there won’t be another dedicated drone control app, it will all be integrated into the existing Ring app, at least when we finally see it in the real world.

And unfortunately, Ring isn’t yet ready to share its thoughts on this, but the fact that it’s ready to show prototypes means it should be closer to selling than not.

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