Ronaldo exposed to an embarrassing situation during the Portuguese Federation Awards

Cristiano Ronaldo was exposed to a very embarrassing situation during the Portuguese Football Federation Awards, and the reason is the futsal legend Ricardinho.

    Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo was exposed to a very embarrassing situation during an awards ceremony held by the Portuguese Football Association.

    The situation comes before Ronaldo confirms that he will not retire from international football after the 2022 World Cup, and wants to continue his career with Portugal and compete in the “Euro 2024” tournament.

    Ronaldo said: “I hope to be in the team for a few years to come, I feel excited and my ambition is high. I am in a team with young players, and I want to be in the World Cup and in the European Championship as well.”

    what happened?

Cameras were spotted on Ronaldo during the ceremony as Portuguese futsal legend Ricardinho spoke about the need for older players to step aside to allow younger stars to develop.

“I retired from the national team so that the younger generation could take over, and today I’m sure it was the right decision,” said Riccardinho.

Ronaldo was staring at him with concentration mixed with some displeasure while the camera was focused on him, and it seemed that he did not agree with Ricardinho.

What is next for Ronaldo with the Portugal national team?

Ronaldo is preparing with Portugal for two very strong matches in the fifth and sixth rounds of the group stage of the European Nations League.

The start will be against the Czech Republic at home, then Portugal will host its Spanish counterpart in an upcoming match.

Portugal needs to win both matches in order to qualify for the final stage of the European Nations League.

After that, Ronaldo will have to prepare as best as possible during the coming period, in order to prepare for the 2022 World Cup, which begins in November.

Portugal is in the World Cup Qatar in Group H, which includes Ghana, Uruguay and South Korea.

Will Ronaldo qualify for the 2024 European Championship?

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner has indicated his intention to continue, but how realistic are his chances of doing so?

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