Russia approves Vostochny Airport to launch components of its new space station

The Russian Minister of Industry and Trade, Denis Manturov, announced that it was decided to approve the “Vostochny” spaceport, to launch the components of the new Russian space station.Russians“.

During a meeting with the press, the minister said, “The main place that will be used to launch the sections of the promising Russian space station (Ross) It will be Russia’s Vostochny Cosmodrome“.

He added, “In addition to the project to develop the station itself, we are working on a complex project to develop the ground infrastructure facilities necessary to control the station, and we are building new ground control complexes as well, and complexes that will be used to receive astronauts returning from space, and we are working on many other things that will ensure the safety of launching astronaut crews.” from the territory of the Russian Federation,” it was reported RT.

The “Roskosmos” Foundation had indicated earlier that one of the most prominent features of the station (Ross) The space that Russia will develop is the possibility of its continuous modification, that is, it will be possible to replace one of the units of this station with another unit in the event of the expiration of the life of the first, which provides the possibility of the station continuing for a very long period of time..

And “Vostochny” is a space rocket launch airport located in the Russian Far East, built by Russia to dispense with the “Baikonur” base from which rockets are launched in Kazakhstan, and the first launch of it was conducted in 2016..

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