Russia is developing new technologies to use with its awaited space station

The Institute of Space Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences announced that experts in the country are developing new technologies and devices that may be used in the upcoming national space station.

The head of the Department of Planetary Sciences at the Institute, Igor Mitrofanov, said: “The prototype of the BTN-Neutron-2 device that Russia is developing to study neutrons in space will be ready within the next year. It is likely that Russia will test this device with the International Space Station to study neutrinos in the surrounding space. It is supposed to be used with its promising space station, ROS.

He added, “We were previously informed that the model of this device has been successfully tested, and we are ready to deliver the BTN-Neutron-2 to the Russian Energia Foundation within a year. As long as the station exists or the Russian section continues in space.”

Mitrofanov pointed out that the International Space Station is becoming obsolete in technical terms, but the process of Russia’s withdrawal from it may take several years. The BTN-Neutron-2 prototype will be returned to Earth on a spacecraft.”

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