Russia to test a powered robot to load heavy missiles in two months

Maxim Skoukov, director of Ekzo Solutions, said that the Russian army’s artillery corps will be testing in the next two months the use of a robot or a powered exoskeleton, according to a Russia Today report.

Skukov pointed out that this device will make loading heavy artillery shells a very easy process.

He added: “The Russian army shows interest in these robots, and about this, not only representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry contact us, but also representatives of other competent bodies. The Artillery Corps shows great interest in this type of robots with the aim of facilitating the process of transporting and loading missiles.

From November to December, we will conduct an experiment in one of the training grounds, during which we will verify the effectiveness of our devices in practice and their ability to solve these problems.”

At the same time, Skukov did not specify who would carry out the experiment, and whether it was a private military company or official military units.

He pointed out that the Russian army has not yet used in the special military operation exoskeletons developed by Ekzo Solutions.

He stressed that the so-called “passive exoskeletons”, which reduce the burden on those using them, can today help military engineers and other “non-combat” elements involved in the military operation, in carrying out the tasks they are assigned to them.

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