Russian center reveals children’s interests on the Internet

A new study conducted by the Russian research center Kaspersky revealed the most popular interests of children during the summer of 2022, and the study, which obtained data from searches on Google and YouTube, showed that Big Floppa was the most popular “meme”, and the fourth season of the series Stranger Things was the most Fashionable in the summer.

Stranger Things got a lot of attention this summer. According to statistics, Season 4 set a record with 287 million watch hours in the week of May 23-29.

Kids also discover new games, memes, and new bloggers. To access the study results, Kaspersky analyzed anonymized data provided by users of the center’s parental control software between June 1 and August 22, 2022, and included search queries on Google and YouTube.

The most searched for memes on Google during the summer was Big Floppa, which captured 20% of all memes search queries.

Last summer, 33% of children’s search queries on Google were linked to YouTube, while 18% of online services were related to children. The study found, in an interesting point, that children’s use of the creative social networking platform “DeviantArt” reached 6%, outperforming “Tik Tok”, which acquired 5% of the audience on social media platforms. DeviantArt is the largest online community for artists and art lovers, enabling individuals to connect by sharing artistic creations.

Moreover, video games were among the most popular interests of children, with a share of 10%. Roblox came out on top with 33%, far ahead of Minecraft (9%), despite its huge popularity among kids. The search query for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, recently released by Nintendo, captured 5% of all searches over the summer.

Kids showed great interest in the fourth season of Stranger Things, out of all the search queries for anime, movies and TV shows, which accounted for 16% of all search queries on YouTube. Children searched not only for videos related to the series, but also for the actors and characters who played the main roles in it, and the search was led by actresses Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink.

Stranger Things’ popularity also spread to the music department, which captured 16% of search queries for it on YouTube.

The children’s most searched for video clip was Chrissy, Wake Up, a clip created with clips and images from the show’s fourth season, as well as Running Up That Hill (1985), which one of the show’s protagonists was listening to.

The Pink Sauce meme became an interesting phenomenon on Tik Tok after it was created by the blogger, who created a pink sauce for food. There were some rumors about this sauce, and issues such as the quantity and quality of the sauce in the package were subject to wide debate.

Kids showed more interest in games on YouTube over the past summer, with this category accounting for the largest number of search queries (27%). Children searched more for game bloggers (35%) and Minecraft bloggers (27%).

On the other hand, influencers who portray different types of content, such as challenges or modern lifestyles, received 20% of all children’s search queries. Spencer X, who shoots music-related content, was the hottest blogger of the summer. This blogger has 2.66 million subscribers on YouTube and 55.1 million subscribers on TikTok.

Anna Larkina, web content analysis expert at Kaspersky, confirmed that children’s interests and attitudes on the Internet “change rapidly”, noting that new memes, movies and heroes appear every three months. She said: “The scary game The Backrooms, for example, was very popular with kids this past spring, but now we find that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is at the top of the list of most popular games. It’s tough if you’re not a kid, so parental control apps help parents understand all the trends and topics that interest their kids online.”

The full report on children’s interests can be found online.

Kaspersky offers some tips to keep children safe and secure on the Internet:

• Parents should show interest in their children’s online activity, and ask them if they can watch their favorite series together or listen to their favorite music. In the meantime, you can also learn some safe online practices.

• It is helpful to use parental control apps, but it is important to discuss this with the child and explain how these apps work and why they are needed to keep them safe online.

• Make it clear to children that sensitive information should only be sent through messaging software and only with people they know in real life. Parents can be role models in this aspect, and show their children good examples of this positive behaviour.

• Spend more time communicating with children about online security measures, paying attention to parents themselves about their own personal habits, such as using the phone while eating or talking to family members, and looking at whether children imitate any of those habits or behavior patterns; Or they react differently when the focus and attention is on them.

• Make the conversation about digital security more interesting and interesting by discussing it with children through games and other entertaining forms.

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