Russian RuStore supports users with new applications

The Russian RuStore App Store has announced new policies in the store that will enable users to get more apps, RT reported.

“Now ordinary people can download new applications in the store under certain conditions for the safety of these applications, the process was previously limited to companies or application developers only,” said a statement issued by the company “VK” responsible for the store.

According to the statement, the new applications that will be downloaded in the store will first undergo safety tests to ensure that they are free from viruses or malware. his email.

And “VK” recently announced that it has made modifications to the store’s software that allow software developers to inform users of their applications of everything new in applications through the push feature, and it has also introduced features that help users leave comments on applications to contribute to their development.

The new RuStore application store was developed by a group of Russian companies led by the company responsible for the Russian “VK” social network, and with the support of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, and security systems developed by Kaspersky Lab were integrated into this store to supervise the absence of all applications in it from malware. The test version of this store began operating on May 25, and the full version is supposed to be launched this year.

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