Saleh Selim .. The legend of Al-Ahly, “a player and a president” (Infographic)

Today, Sunday, is the birthday of Maestro Saleh Selim, the late president of Al-Ahly Club, and the most prominent football and administrative legend in Egypt, who was born on September 11, 1930.

Saleh Selim.. Al-Ahly legend, player and president

Saleh Selim began his football career in the junior sector of Al-Ahly Club, then the first team in “1948”, and he appeared for the first time in the Al-Ahly match against Al-Masry Al-Portsaidi at Al-Ahly Stadium on the island, and Al-Ahly won a clean three, during which Saleh Selim scored his first official goals, and that was on Friday “5 November 1948″ in the third week of the first Premier League competition.

Saleh Selim continued until the 1966-1967 season, when he played his last match against Aviation, “November 11, 1966” with an interval of “18” years and six days.

Saleh Selim was able to achieve with Al-Ahly Club 11 league championships out of the 15 championships in which he participated since the beginning of the Egyptian Football League in 1948. He also achieved with Al-Ahly the Egypt Cup championship 8 times, and also scored with his team the United Arab Republic Cup in 1961.

Saleh Selim played with Al-Ahly team more than “185” matches, and scored “99” goals, with “78” in the league, Al-Ahly’s third top scorer in the competition, and “17” in the Egypt Cup, three goals in the United Republic Cup, and a goal in the Cairo District League. .

Saleh Selim, the holder of the record for personal scoring in one match by scoring “7” goals against the Ismaili net in 1958, and the record holder for the consecutive victory in the league title “9” seasons in partnership with Toto, the Al-Ahly player.

At the international level, Saleh Selim joined the Egyptian national football team in 1950, and was the captain of the team that won the African Nations Cup in 1959 in Cairo, and also participated with the national team in the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960.

The Al-Ahly legend in the sixties, “Saleh Selim”, is the most prominent athlete in the history of Egypt who succeeded in the world of cinema, in turn, in the movie “Black Candles”, which testified to his artistic talent, but was subjected to severe criticism from the owners of the same pens, critics or filmmakers, which made him refuse to complete his career. In the cinema, he is satisfied with only 3 films: “The Seven Girls, The Open Door, and The Black Candles.”

Saleh Selim also held the position of director of football, then a member of the board of directors, and then president of Al-Ahly Club until his death in May 2002.

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