Samah Anwar responds to critics of her words about water: I stay crazy

Over the past few days, Egyptian public opinion has been buzzing with strange statements by the artist Samah Anwar After talking about not drinking water for 17 years, what exposed her to widespread criticism from the public and some doctors alike.

However, she returned and clarified in an interview with the “Kalam al-Nas” program on “MBC Egypt” that she did not ask people not to drink water, considering that she would be crazy if she did.

And she republished part of her dialogue through her account on Instagram, yesterday evening, Monday, commenting with an audio message: “I do not work in a need related to water or medicine, and I do not need to leave my words scientifically influential to this degree.”

“Crazy talk”

She also added that she spoke about her personal experience, explaining that she confirmed in the dialogue that the doctors’ words were true.

And she added that she explained this in her speech, saying: “No one works with what he says, and that this is something that concerns me and benefits me, and if I tell people, ‘Beware, drink a water,’ it remains insane, and I remain six crazy.”

She also asked her followers to republish this clip to respond to the criticisms leveled at her, saying: “If you find anyone who says the opposite of the truth, you would point out the video because the people who are blaspheming about the vain, and I hope there is a real need.”

“My body is upset and my stomach hurts”

mention that Samah Anwar She revealed during the “Kalam El Nas” program last week, that she does not drink water because it contains color and smell. She said, “When I take the rest of my body, I get annoyed and my stomach hurts.”

She also indicated that her diet may be objected to by many doctors, stressing that she has not drunk water for 17 years.

However, she justified, saying that it is not necessary to drink water directly, pointing out that it takes a lot of water through fruits, vegetables, soft drinks, Nescafe and coffee.

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