Saudi journalist: It is not permissible to compare Al-Ahly and Zamalek

02:05 PM

Tuesday 13 September 2022

Books-: Suleiman Gharib

Saudi journalist Ahmed Al-Ajlan confirmed that it is not permissible to compare Al-Ahly and Zamalek clubs, criticizing the behavior of Mortada Mansour, head of the White Castle, regarding his demand for a reward for the Al-Hilal match in the Lusail Cup.

Al-Ajlan said in a video spread to him on the social networking site “Twitter”: “I am sure that if the president of Al-Ahly faced Al-Hilal, it would be impossible to ask for a reward for the match, as the president of Zamalek did.”

And Mortada Mansour had previously said before the Al-Hilal match in the Lusail Cup, which was held last Friday: “Al-Hilal is supposed to give us a reward for the Lusail match (one and a half million dollars) because they do not need the money.”

He added: “Going into the financial details reduces the value of the club, you are supposed to be a large entity and have thousands of members.”

He continued: “I know the Egyptian clubs and I have visited them before. For example, Al-Ahly has tens of thousands of members, which contribute to bringing hundreds of millions into the club.”

He continued: “There are things that cannot be bought, so is it logical that Carteron would leave the team before the final of the African Champions League and then return it again, such things are impossible for the smallest club in Saudi Arabia to do.”

And the Saudi journalist continued his speech: “Zamalek should benefit from its previous experiences (and tighten a little on them).”

On the comparison between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, Ahmed Al-Ajlan commented, “It is not permissible to talk about a comparison between Al-Ahly and Zamalek. Al-Ahly has great numbers, as it is the most crowned in Africa, winning 42 leagues and the most participating in the World Cup.”

And he continued: “Al-Ahly is a giant, great, and rank sports institution, and its officials respect the club, and it has etiquette and discipline.”

And he concluded: “I know that 80% of Egyptians support Al-Ahly club, as well as the Saudis love it very much.”

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