Savio chasing 3 spherical goals in his experience with Al-Ahly .. Get to know them

Al-Ahly’s new player, Bruno Savio, hopes to achieve more than one goal during his new experience with the Red Castle, which he revealed in his recent statements to Al-Ahly’s official website.

Savio said that he hopes to contribute with Al-Ahly in winning all the tournaments in which the team participates locally and continentally, and he also hoped to participate in the World Cup because he is following this global championship and one of the most important reasons for accepting Al-Ahly’s offer without many other offers because Al-Ahly clearly participates in the World Cup for clubs.

Savio also confirmed that he is working to win the title of best player in the Egyptian League, but he stressed that this will only be achieved by teamwork with the rest of his teammates.

Savio talked about his beginnings with football, which started with the America Mineiro team, after which he played in several clubs, then moved to Croatia, then returned to Brazil and then moved to Bolivia, where he played for the Bolivar team before coming to Al-Ahly.

He added, “America Mineiro was my grandfather’s favorite team.. Unfortunately, he is not now among us.. But it was a great feeling to represent my grandfather’s favorite team.. and to give him this much happiness.. I am also grateful to the club for giving me the opportunity.. I do not find Words to express what I experienced from a miraculous beginning with the team.. This good start was the basis for everything I did later.. The experience of playing in Croatia was special, as it was my first time away from home.. It was an important experience in another country, where the culture Different, as well as the language .. It is one of the experiences that contributed to the establishment of my personality and the maturity of the athlete.”

Regarding his experience with the Bolivian team, Savio said: “The support and love of the fans for me in Bolivar will remain with me forever. I experienced feelings that I did not feel anywhere else.. The fans treated me with kindness, which helped me to shine and succeed with the team. Leaving the club was very difficult.. everything there was good.. the team and the crowd and we won the local championship.. and we reached the group stage again in the Copa Libertadores.. it was not easy to leave the team, but that is football.. They gave me the opportunity and it is undeniable that they gave me.”

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