Savio: I watched this match for Al-Ahly in the World Cup… and scoring goals is not my priority

Bruno Savio, newly transferred to Al-Ahly club, confirmed that all players in the world dream of participating in the Club World Cup, noting that he also wants to play in a strong tournament such as the African Champions League, which he sees as a wonderful experience that he hopes to enjoy and contribute with his colleagues to achieving victories..

He said in official statements: “I know that Al-Ahly is the most crowned player in Egypt and Africa. Al-Ahly is great, has a great history, and has great popularity. I hope to have a good experience here, and to do everything for the team.”

Savio added, “I watched Al-Ahly’s match against Palmeiras in the Club World Cup in Qatar, and certainly Al-Ahly’s victory in the match was a reflection of the team’s strength and solidity.”

Regarding his ambitions with Al-Ahly, he said: “To be the champion, and this is the club’s personality that it has acquired throughout its history.. Certainly collective goals are much more important than individual goals, and what I look forward to is to achieve victories with the team on an ongoing basis, and this is the supreme goal for me.”

He continued: “I love to score goals, but I also want to create goals for my teammates. Football depends on intelligence and teamwork, so I always look for my teammates, and pass the ball if the colleague is in a better position to score a goal .. But at the same time I strive to score goals if I never had the chance.”

Yesterday, Tuesday, Al-Ahly club announced the signing of Brazilian Bruno Savio, player of the Bolivian club Bolivar, for the next three seasons, with Al-Ahly’s right to extend the contract for a fourth season.

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