Schubert reveals the date of Tao’s presence with Al-Ahly and the scenes of Mohamed Sobhi’s return to Zamalek

The journalist Ahmed Schubert revealed the date of Percy Tau’s return to participate in training Al AhlyTomorrow, which begins in preparation for the new season, and Tao was injured at the end of last season.

Schubert said on his radio program “With Schubert” on Radio On Sport FM, “Percy Tau has two weeks before returning to the stadium, and it is strange and he is running and the medical staff is working very strongly and the camp will be in Abu Dhabi or Dubai from September 18, and there is strong news about A new Colombian player will be contracted by Al-Ahly, and the club decided to turn in deals to Latin America, not Africa, in the current Mercato.

Speaking about Al-Ahly’s negotiations with Sobhi, Schubert added, “Sobhi was on loan to Farco and returned to Zamalek. The loan was with the intention of selling on condition of the player’s desire. Al-Ahly opened negotiations with Sobhi 4 months ago or more, but no one from Al-Ahly spoke with Farco officials.”

And Schubert continued, “Al-Ahly did not reach an agreement with Sobhi, and the player was asking for exaggerated requests, and in that period Ali Lotfi and Mustafa Schubert appeared in good looks in the league, so Al-Ahly dismissed the contract with Sobhi.”

And about the scenes of Sobhi’s return to Zamalek, Schubert said, “The main reason for his return to Zamalek was Ayman Taher, because Sobhi had a good relationship with Ayman Taher, and Shikabala also intervened in the matter and spoke with Sobhi more than once and the distances between the player and the administration were close.”

He added, “Omar Jaber wants to go to Zamalek and Pyramids is very welcome, and Dunga cannot be certain that he is close or not, and Mustafa Al-Zanari has negotiations with him from Zamalek, and Zamalek desperately wants to include Nasser Mansi, the Al-Ahly Bank player.”

And about the new Al-Ahly coach, Schubert said, “Köhler speaks German, and he will meet today with Al-Khatib to talk about all the details, and the entire technical staff will attend the meeting and attend the first training for the team.”

Regarding the formation of Kohler’s technical staff, Schubert said, “The Swiss will include Harald Gamberelli as an assistant coach, while Andreas Andoya will be the load coach, Yassin Al Mikari as a performance analyst, Sami Kommas, Michel Yancon and Sayed Abdel Hafeez as the director of football.”

He concluded: Al-Ahly set his project in a strong coach after the experience of Suaresh, and there were very many Zoom meetings between Murtaji and Kohler due to the death of Amir Tawfiq’s father, and Murtaji traveled to Switzerland after agreeing on the terms of the entire contract, and then Amir Tawfiq joined them to sign the contract there, the man is a strong personality and his blood Light but very strict and loves to work and dominates the dressing rooms and no one dictates anything to him.

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