Scientists create marine robots that help monitor biological resources

Scientists from Astrakhan University announced that they have found a marine robot that can stay in the sea for up to 12 months, allowing it to track vital sources, as scientists indicate that this unmanned marine platform will have the robot that will help monitor biological resources, as well as carry Drones and robots operate under the surface of the water, according to Al Arabiya RT newspaper.

marine robot

According to the information office of the governor of the Russian Astrakhan province, this platform is equipped with a power sail wing, which allows it to remain at sea independently for up to 12 months. This unmanned platform is attributed to floating ships, and its surface is equipped with solar cells.

The statement of the media office indicates that “the university scientists have provided this unmanned platform, which can monitor biological resources, well monitor the movement of certain species of fish, as well as monitor and study biomass at any point in the world ocean, and the platform can, in addition, carry on It has unmanned aircraft and underwater robots, to monitor the surface of the water from above and monitor all operations under the surface of the water, and this is a very important issue during the transportation of oil and petroleum products from offshore oil wells to land, and in addition, this platform is dedicated to monitoring border areas and providing The marine internet, the exploration and study of underwater archaeology and hydrography, as well as the study of sea water.”

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