“Serious information was leaked to the media.” Prince Harry accuses his stepmother

In promoting his new book, which reveals the secrets of his life behind palace walls, Prince Harry has accused his stepmother, Camilla Parker Bowles, of leaking private conversations to the media to improve her own reputation.

During interviews broadcast Sunday and Monday, Harry has accused members of the royal family of “collaborating with the devil” to get favorable press coveragehighlighting Camilla’s efforts to improve her image in front of the British public after her long relationship with his father, who is now King Charles III of the country.

“This made her dangerous because of the relationships she had with the British press,” Harry told CBS.

Spanish version of Harry's book

Spanish version of Harry’s book “Spear”

He added, “There was a clear desire on both sides to exchange information, and with a family built on a hierarchy, and being on the path to the title of Queen Consort, people or comrades had to be left out in the open.”

Harry has spoken to ITV, CBS’ 60 Minutes and Good Morning America to promote his book Spare, which comes out on Tuesday. .

Some bookstores in the UK opened their doors at midnight to meet demand for the hotly anticipated memoir, which has created blazing headlines, reportedly detailing bitter family fights and Harry and his wife Meghan’s decision to give up their royal roles and move to California.

During the interviews, Harry has repeatedly blamed the media for the problems he and his wife, also known as the “Duke and Duchess of Sussex”, have experienced, saying the coverage contributed to fueling the feud with his brother Prince William and his wife Kate.

Harry’s book went on sale in Spain on Thursday, five days before its official release date. The book does not present minute personal details such as how the British prince used drugs, but also reveals more intimate examples of family disharmony, including, for example, his description of his first sexual intercourse at the age of 17 with an older woman.

The book says that Prince William, Prince of Wales, heir to the throne and Harry’s older brother, knocked his brother down in a fight, and that the two brothers begged their father, King Charles, not to marry Camilla, who is now the queen consort.

Commentators say the book sparked the royal family’s biggest crisis since a 1990s series about the breakdown of Charles’s marriage to the late Princess Diana, mother of William and Harry.

All this comes just four months after the death of Queen Elizabeth and the accession of Charles to the throne.

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