Shakira pisses people off.. She skips a crowd. Wait 90 minutes!

International star Shakira is still the focus of attention of people and journalists, especially after the problem of her recent separation from Barcelona defender Gerard Pique months ago.

However, this time she did not gain sympathy as she used to during the past period, but her presence in a park with her children to celebrate the Halloween in the center of Barcelona provoked a state of anger.

Wait 90 minutes

The famous star was criticized for skipping the queue at a Halloween party, with families forced to wait up to 90 minutes.

According to the information, Shakira’s position on the incident terrified the audience more than the place, according to a report published by the newspaper “The Mirror”.

She added that there was anger in the audience after the star walked to the front of the line at a tower in the Spanish city with two security guards.

The cameras’ lenses also captured the moment when Shakira entered the place with her friends, before she looked awkwardly at the angry and waiting crowd, especially since she was with her friend and their children.

While visitors complained that they were waiting in the queue to enter the Halloween party for up to 90 minutes, until Shakira snuck in with her companions and security guards.

In turn, the organizer of the ceremony said that the star continued her path despite the people’s screams and objections, noting that the situation angered the attendees.

12 year relationship

It is noteworthy that the Colombian star had experienced difficult times in the past, after her separation from Barcelona player Gerard Pique last June, and other details that followed, as rumors spread that the football player’s betrayal was the reason.

The couple announced their separation after a relationship that lasted more than 12 years and produced two children.

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