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She disguised herself as a 45-year-old man.. Who is the “Sisa” who demanded from Mona Zaki

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Tuesday 08 November 2022

Luxor – Mohamed Mahrous:

Hajja Sisa Abu Doh, who disguised herself in men’s clothes for about 45 years, so that she can work to raise her only daughter, is back in the spotlight again after announcing the embodiment of her character in a television series starring Mona Zaki.

The story of the struggle of Hajja Sisa began 45 years ago when her husband died while she was pregnant with her only daughter, “Huda”, which prompted her to work in “shoe wiping”, and because the traditions of the Saidi society at the time refused to work for women, Sissa Abu Douh resorted to a trick, where she cut her hair and wore Men’s clothing, so that she can work and raise her only daughter.

Hajja Sisa, who is now 64 years old, worked in the brick industry, before turning, after losing her strength, to work as a shoe sweeper, on Al-Mahatta Street in Luxor, a profession from which she used to live and spend on her only daughter until she got married, and instead of For Sisa to rest, her daughter suffered a great crisis due to her husband’s illness and his inability to work, so she had to return to work again; To spend on her daughter and six grandchildren.

Years ago, the media covered the story of the struggle of Hajja Sissa Abu Doh, and her story spread widely, until she was honored as a model for the Egyptian breadwinner; President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi honored her, before the Ministry of Social Solidarity honored her, and her story turned into a series that embodies her character, actress Mona Zaki.

Hajja Sisa Abu Doh, the family of the series “Under Guardianship”, demanded compensation of one million pounds, after the actress Mona Zaki announced the embodiment of her character in the series.

Sisa Abu Douh said that she would file a lawsuit against the series, if she did not receive the appropriate compensation and signed a written consent to embody her character, saying: “I learned about the matter from Facebook.”

Sisa also asked the artist, Mona Zaki, to visit her and stay with her for several days to embody her personality and she knows all its aspects and details of her life, saying: “I love Mona Zaki, and she is like my daughter and I love.”

Her role in the series Al-Lawwa Al-Shared. Her role in the Al-Light Al-Shared series

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