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“She gave me money and I killed her”… Confessions of a woman killer in Ain Shams

“She gave me money and I killed her.” With these words, the accused confessed to killing a woman in Ain Shams, after she borrowed money from her and she failed to return it, so she decided to get rid of her.

The Ministry of the Interior revealed the circumstances of what was reported to the Ain Shams Police Department at the Cairo Security Directorate, finding the body of a woman inside her house in the department’s department with several injuries. By asking her daughter, she decided that her mother was staying with her brother, “of people of determination” and discovered the theft (2 bags of money, a mobile phone, a book of debts). To get used to putting them inside her clothes.

By conducting investigations and gathering information and using modern technologies, it was possible to identify the perpetrator of the incident (a housewife – residing in the department’s department).

After legalizing the procedures, she was targeted and could be seized, and by confronting her, she confessed to committing the incident, for borrowing a sum of money from the victim, paying part of it, failing to pay the rest of the amount, and asking the victim to pay the rest of the debt. When she opened the door, she pushed her, and her head hit the handle of a wooden chair, and she fell to the ground. In her residence, two wallets “within money” were seized – a small bag containing 5 national number cards, including my deceased card and her son – 2 visa cards – a catering card – the agenda of the victim’s clients’ accounts.

The Penal Code differentiates in the punishment for murders between murder associated with premeditation and premeditated murder, and murder without premeditation and premeditation. Article 230 of the law stipulates: Whoever willfully kills a person with premeditation or premeditation shall be punished with death.

The law defines previous insistence as the determined intent before the act to commit a misdemeanor or felony, the purpose of which is to harm a specific person or any unspecified person he finds or encounters, whether that intent is dependent on the occurrence of a matter or is suspended on a condition. Or many parties for a long or short period of time to lead to the killing of that person or to harming him by beating and the like.

Article 233 stipulates: “Whoever intentionally kills someone with jewels that cause death sooner or later is considered a poison killer, regardless of how those jewels are used, and he is punished with death.” Article 234 also stipulates: However, the perpetrator of this felony shall be sentenced to death if it is presented, accompanied by, or followed by another felony. Life imprisonment, and the penalty shall be death if the crime is committed in implementation of a terrorist purpose.

Article 235 talks about the participants in the killing, and states that the participants in the killing that requires the death penalty to be imposed on the perpetrator shall be punished with death or life imprisonment.

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