She held her marriage without permission.. The wife of the blogger Ahmed Ibrahim talks to a sucker

10:46 PM

Wednesday 14 September 2022

Books – Mohamed Emara:

Zina Ashraf, the wife of the blogger Ahmed Ibrahim, the owner of the incident of marrying herself without an authorized person, caused a surprise about her playing the role of the authorized person when writing her book.

Zina told Masrawy that she documented the marriage contract in the office at the authorized person earlier, and what was stated in the video spread on social media is only advertising, explaining: There is no punishment that will be imposed on the authorized person or on us because the marriage is legally and legally valid.

And the blogger’s wife, Ahmed Ibrahim, continued: “The official wedding has not yet taken place, and what happened in the video clip is advertising only, and the wedding is still a little ahead.”

And she confirmed that the marriage is 100% correct, saying: “The reason for the issue is that my husband taught me to rely on myself, and if anyone finds the formula from a paper and says it is legal to marry, whoever said it, and my marriage to the blogger Ahmed Ibrahim, came from the door of self-reliance, and my husband depends On himself in every need and I wrote the book myself as a matter of self-reliance.

And Zina continued: I will never do anything, nor will Josie expose him to a problem or present the passport itself, because it is invalid and I must know and read, and I asked a million times before to know what to do?

And about people’s reactions, “Zeina” said: I am not empty and do not occupy my brain with anything, but I read the good words, but I am married and I do not have a problem .. This is a passport.

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