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She is 45 years old and produces a quarter of a ton of dates. The story of a palm tree planted by Sadat in the New Valley. Pictures

About 90 kilometers on the “Dakhla-West Al-Mahoub” road in the New Valley Governorate, specifically after the village of West Al-Mohoub, about 5 kilometers away. The new one, where he planted a Siwa palm sapling in a plot of land owned by a farmer named Mohamed Salem Omar from the residents of the village of Sheikh Wali in Dakhla, amid an atmosphere of joy and pleasure with the arrival of the president to inspect development projects in the governorate at the time, and laid the foundation stone for some pioneering projects at that time, and Sadat decided during The visit reduced the rental value of well owners and disbursed Sadat’s monthly pension for those over the age of sixty .

About 7 years after the cultivation of the palm tree, its production began and remained so until its owner died at the age of sixty. It was inherited by his son Ramadan, who works in a health unit in the village of West Al-Mahoub. As is the case with all dates produced in the Dakhla Center, under the auspices of the agricultural sector in the governorate, where Dr. Majd Al-Mursi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture in the New Valley, inspected the date palm site, and issued directives to convert the perimeter of the lands in which Sadat’s palm was cultivated into pilot fields for the wheat crop, with an area of ​​12 feddans.

Ramadan Muhammad Salem, the owner of Sadat’s palm tree, said in a special statement to Youm7 that he witnessed President Sadat’s visit to the village, when he was twelve years old, where Sadat attended, accompanied by senior statesmen at the time, and planted a palm tree, which he received from my father and used an ax placed on With his wooden hand, the flag of Egypt, and he planted the palm tree in his father’s plot of land, its area was two acres, where the palm tree was planted among a large number of trees, but it was the only one that continued to grow after all the neighboring palm trees dried up, and it continued to grow until it reached a great height and grew around it Many offshoots that are transferred to other places .

Ramadan added that the productivity of the palm tree is increasing annually, ranging from 200 kilos to a quarter of a ton of Siwa dates, and he takes care of it on an ongoing basis and always tells the story of that palm tree to his relatives and family as he recalls the moments of Sadat’s delegation’s visit and the accompanying good attitudes, stressing that the governorate’s Agriculture Directorate is keen to provide Support for farmers in the village of West Al-Mahoub through the implementation of extension fields for strategic crops and the organization of field schools and extension programs for farmers .

Dr. Majd Al-Mursi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture in the governorate, had inspected several pilot fields of the wheat crop in the village of West Al-Mahoub in Dakhla, with an area of ​​12 acres around the palm of the late President Anwar Sadat, as part of his tour to pass through the pilot fields of wheat and ensure that they are free of any injuries. A field symposium was held that included listening. To farmers, answer all their inquiries and recommend the most important procedures that must be taken into account during that period.

It is worth noting that President Sadat made his visit to the New Valley Governorate in 1978 AD, and he stayed in the distinguished rest house in the city of Kharga, and from there he moved to the cities of Dakhla and Farafra, and during his movements he rode a Russian jeep, while following up on the projects being implemented under the supervision of the Desert Reconstruction Authority, and the car was equipped to walk in The desert and rugged areas, and the car was kept until it was renewed and placed under the directives of Major General Dr. Muhammad Al-Zamlot, Governor of the New Valley, at the entrance to the 30th of June Park, which is the most important and largest of the governorate’s parks, with indicative signs indicating the importance of that car, and placing a picture of the length of the president’s body in fact next to that car. His military uniform with a brief explanation of the type of vehicle.

President Sadat planting the date palm in West El Mohoub
President Sadat planting the date palm in West El Mohoub

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The Palm (1)

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