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She refused to marry him, so he poured fire water on her face.. the tragedy of an Egyptian young woman

A gruesome incident shook the Egyptian street after a young man distorted the face of an 18-year-old girl, after she refused to marry him.

In the details, the accused, Esraa M. She attends a wedding in the village of Qalyub, and he admires her and knows her house, and decides to propose to her after speaking with his father.

bad behavior

However, the father had a different opinion, so he went to the girl’s house and met her with her father and told them that his son was not ready for marriage, and asked them to reject him, according to what was revealed to the “Cairo 24” website.

Indeed, Esraa’s father, the young man, refused, after he asked a number of villagers about him, who agreed that he is bad in conduct and causes many problems with the villagers.

The accused of defaming Israa (from Cairo 24 website)

However, when he responded by not accepting, Israa was surprised by the suspect passing in front of her house and threatening her with displaying various white weapons, including a cutter, a penknife and others, threatening her with revenge after her refusal.

“My life is ruined”

He also assaulted her mother, and told her sister to inform Isra that if she was not his, she would not be for anyone else. While she was standing in the vegetable store helping her mother, she was surprised by the young man calling one of his friends, then he came back and poured an incendiary substance (fire water) on her. And when her grandmother tried to defend her and slandered him, he threw the rest of the bottle at her.

Jeddah Esraa (from Cairo 24 website)

Jeddah Esraa (from Cairo 24 website)

At first, Israa thought it was gas water, but then she felt hot in her face and her skin fell off, so she screamed: “My life has been destroyed and something is bad, I hope it was my death and I will not be tortured.”

In her interview with “Cairo 24”, she added that she was always looking in the mirror and happy with her beauty, but after her face was distorted, she hated the mirror, and bemoaned herself after her face became distorted, stressing that whenever she saw her grandmother, she remembered the incident that destroyed her future after her dream was lost. In enrolling in the College of Commerce, a demand for retribution is required so that it will serve as an example to all those who are tempted to do so.

Arrest, confession and imprisonment

In addition, the security services in Qalyubia were able to arrest the accused, called “MAA” (18 years), and his nickname is Asaliya, and he confessed to committing the incident and filed a report on it.

The investigation authorities in Qalyubia ordered the detention of the accused for 4 days pending investigations, accusing him of mutilating a girl’s face by throwing an incendiary substance on her face in retaliation for her and her family’s refusal of his engagement to her in Qalyoub, and requested investigations by the mabahith about the incident and questioning eyewitnesses.

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