She used them to make fun of Pique.. Cassio and Renault respond to Shakira

Shakira’s new song, which mocks ex-boyfriend Pique, has gone viral on social media since its release on Wednesday night, with fans, artists and celebrities praising the Colombian star.. But two names mentioned in the song also had something to say.

Casio and Renault, the maker of the Twingo, jokingly responded by referring to each other in the song, when Shakira implied that the footballer had left her for someone of lesser status.

Controversy raged on social media after Colombian singer Shakira released her song, which alludes to her ex-partner Gerard Pique, likening his new girlfriend to a Japanese “Casio” watch, while describing itself as a Swiss luxury “Rolex”.

In response, a Twitter page presenting itself as a representative of Casio, using the company’s name in Spanish, published several tweets and posts mocking Shakira.

Sometimes it publishes pictures of world celebrities wearing Casio products, such as Hollywood actor Tom Cruise and Pope Francis.

A mockery of Pique’s betrayal of her

“Today we received a number of notifications mentioning CASIO in a song. CASIO watches, keyboards and calculators last a lifetime,” the tweet reads, mocking Shakira’s relationship with Pique and comparing it to the quality of its products, whose “batteries last longer than Shakira and Pique’s relationship.” With tags #Harder, #Better, #Faster, #Stronger.

In addition to sending a sarcastic message to Shakira, in which he said: “We may not be like Rolex, but our customers are loyal to us,” referring to Pique’s betrayal of her.

It was not confirmed whether the account belonged to Casio, but it gained very wide popularity, as its followers reached nearly 190,000 users.

Turn her words into free advertising

Meanwhile, Renault EspaƱa responded by using part of the song’s lyrics as a publicity stunt for the Twingo which says “She’s a wolf like me not for men like you”, as well as a reference to Pique’s girlfriend’s name as Shakira says: “She has a good person’s name/Obviously…it’s not As it sounds”.. “For guys and girls like you. Speak up!”.

The company tweeted using hashtags including #clearly #young #agile and #mischievous and attached the post to a picture of a red Twingo with a circle with the number 22 on the driver’s door. The number refers to the words in which it says it is “equal to two 22-year-old women”.

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