She was happy with her wedding for only 30 minutes and she died.. Learn about the story of the Egyptian bride who met her Lord in a wedding dress!! ( more details)

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The night of life turned into a sad night for the people of the village of Rida, in the center of Minya, after the death of the bride, Nadia Taha Madi, half an hour after her wedding, in the hands of her husband, and she was still in the wedding decorations.

The father of the bride told the details of the tragedy for “The Seventh Day”, saying: “She called me after the joy to express her happiness at the completion of the wedding, and suddenly I heard voices knocking on the door on me and saying your daughter, the bride, died,

I rushed to the groom’s house, and if I found my daughter on the ground, the death of her life. The father of the bride added that his daughter Nadia carried the Book of God and preserved the prayers, continuing:

I am so far in a tragedy that I cannot comprehend what happened, but all I have is to pray for her, and that God may make her among the people of Paradise and give patience to me and her sisters who have been crying day and night since her separation.

Deaths among young people are increasing as a result of their sudden death as a result of heart attacks. Experts explained that broken heart syndrome may be the reason for the increase in pressure on the heart as a result of excessive sadness or joy.

Last August, a sudden explosion occurred in the village of Maidum, one of the villages of the central center. The wedding was turned upside down and the screaming erupted. Why not, the twenty-year-old bride, Israa Shaaban Saad Al-Qadi, a girl from Beni Suef Governorate, died.

The severe heart attack, according to the doctor’s description, did not leave her to complete the joy of her wedding night, and she lost her life, and only gave her 60 minutes of the night of life before she passed away in the hands of her groom.

According to the people’s accounts, instead of ululating and blessing, they heard cries, tears and distress, and when they hurried, the bride fell unconscious and rushed to take her to the nearest hospital in the same center, but she took her last breath between her walls instead of the marital place.

While the family and relatives replaced what was written on the social media pages and turned from a platform for joy and blessing to a mourning pavilion: “God is the matter before and after, she was a bride in this world, and today is a bride in heaven, may God have mercy on her and forgive her.”

Tariq El-Khouly, a consultant cardiologist at Kasr El-Aini College, said: It is possible that such cases and sudden death may occur as a result of excessive joy or sadness, or a group of disorders that occur at this time, which can be explained by the phenomenon of “broken heart” syndrome.

Here, scientifically, the heart secretes certain hormones as a result of stress, such as adrenaline, which leads to electrical irregularities in the body, which stops the heart muscle.

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