Sherif Abdel-Fadil presents a report on Ziad Tarek, Shady Radwan and Mano to Kohler

Sherif Abdel-Fadil, the former Al-Ahly player and the Egyptian national team, and the current coach of the 2001 team in Al-Ahly Club praised the role played by the trio, Ziad Tarek, Shadi Radwan and Mano with the youth team during the recent period.

Sherif Abdel-Fadil used the trio, Ziad, Shadi and Mano, in the last matches of the youth team, after it was decided that the three players were in the youth team in the current period, in coordination between Abdel-Fadil and the Swiss, Marcel Koller, coach of the first football team in Al-Ahly Club.

Abdel-Fadil succeeded in preparing Ziad, Shadi and Mano well, on the moral and technical level, through intensive training with the rest of the youth team players, in addition to lectures and special sessions held by Al-Ahly’s 2001 coach with the three players.

Abdel-Fadil confirmed to “Shadi, Mano and Ziad” that he fully trusts their technical abilities, enthusiasm and determination, and asked them to do their best with the youth team so that they get a chance when Marcel Koehler asks to restore them again to be with the first team.

Abdel-Fadil’s sessions and training with the three players resulted in a good appearance with the youth team and they succeeded in leading him to achieve a valuable victory over the Farco team, which is one of the strongest and most important youth teams in the youth sector in the recent period.

“Shabab” Al-Ahly defeated Farco with two goals against a goal, in the match that was held between the two teams the day before yesterday, Sunday, at Al-Ahly Stadium in Nasr City, within the fifth round of the Republic Youth League..

Substitute Ziad Tariq opened the scoring for Al-Ahly with a “Loeb” shot in the 65th minute, and Ali Amr added the second goal in the 68th minute with a shot from inside the penalty area from Shadi Radwan, before Farko scored the goal to reduce the difference minutes before the end of the match from a penalty kick..

The technical staff of the 2001 team praised Al-Ahly for the victory over Farco and the role of the trio of Shadi, Ziad and Mano in this victory, especially since Farco had defeated Zamalek with six goals without a response in the fourth round of the Republic League during the match that brought them together on the first of November. The three players are fully committed to training and follow the instructions of the coaching staff.

The technical staff of “Ahly 2001” includes Sherif Abdel-Fadil as technical director, Ahmed Jalal as assistant coach, Bahaa Jamal as goalkeeper coach, Ahmed Abdullah as team administrator, Hassan Fadel, team doctor, and Mohamed El-Sayed, a massage therapist.

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