Shoukry affirms Egypt’s adherence to the need to reach a comprehensive agreement on the Renaissance Dam

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry reiterated Egypt’s firm and adhering position to the need to reach a comprehensive agreement on the Renaissance Dam as soon as possible, given that the continuation of the current situation represents an element of instability that threatens the interests of the peoples of the region, not only now, but for future generations..

This came when Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry received, on Sunday, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa, “Hana Titi”.

Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that Minister Shoukry congratulated the UN envoy on assuming the duties of her position, pointing to the special importance that Egypt attaches to the Horn of Africa as a geostrategic extension of Egyptian national security..

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that the meeting touched on many important files and issues related to the state of peace and security in the region, as the discussions reflected the keenness of the UN official to stand on Egypt’s vision and assessment of the situation in Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and the security of the Red Sea, in addition to the file of a dam. Renaissance and how to express African interests during the upcoming climate summit.

The official spokesman added that Sameh Shoukry assured the envoy of the Secretary-General of Egypt’s constant keenness to support the stability of the Horn of Africa, as it is an integral part of Egypt’s national security, which is evidenced by the great Egyptian contribution to peacekeeping operations on the African continent..

For its part, “Titi” was keen to get acquainted with the vision of the Egyptian Foreign Minister towards ways to resolve the political crises in the region, pointing out that Egypt has extensive and extended experience in supporting peace and stability in Africa, and good contacts that qualifies it to be always supportive of the purposes and goals of the United Nations..

In this context, Ambassador Abu Zeid revealed that the Minister of Foreign Affairs gave an extensive presentation of the efforts made by Egypt to support the brothers in Sudan and South Sudan to face political, security and economic challenges, as well as its role in supporting Somali and South Sudanese cadres in various fields.

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