Shwikar’s daughter: Uncle Fouad wanted to write me in his name and at the end of his life everyone forgot except my mother.. Video

Today, 16 years have passed since the departure of the great artist, professor of comedy Fouad Al Mohandeswho left our world on this day corresponding to September 16, 2006 after an artistic journey that immortalized his name in the records of creators, and made him one of the pillars of art and comedy in Egypt and the Arab world and the owner of an art school in which he studied and graduated from a large number of art stars who worked with him.

The great artist Fouad Al Mohandes was an exceptional figure not only in art but in reality and private life, and the story of his love and his connection with his life companion and his creativity, the great artist Shwikar, was an exceptional story in everything and proverbial in love that remains despite divorce and even after death.

Mohandes and Shwikar are the most famous artistic duet, where they presented art with many immortal works of art in cinema and theater, and their relationship remained, even after the divorce, a model of sophistication and morals, and their friendship brought them together until the departure of each of them.

Coincidence played its role in the beginning of the eternal relationship between Shwikar and the engineer, and that was in 1963, when the “Biscuta” Fouad Al-Muhandis participated in the play of the Technical Secretary, and it was decided that the artist Mr. Al-Moneim Madbouly with his friend Fouad Al-Muhandis to perform the role.

From here began the journey of artistic creativity and the beginning of the formation of the duo who enjoyed the masterpieces of theater, cinema, television and radio, and their works continued together in the films that numbered more than 26 films, including Shenbo in the Trap, and You Who Killed Papaya, Hypocrisy Land, Love Airport, Viva Zalata, and many plays famous.

Fouad was attached to Shwikar and possessed love from their hearts, and he asked to marry her on stage during the play “I, He and She.” Muhammad and Ahmed”, and I was closely related to them.

The marriage of Shwikar and the engineer lasted for about 20 years, during which they presented the most successful cinematic and theatrical works. And each of them kept reminding the other with love, respect and sophistication, and they also cooperated in some artistic works after their divorce, including a spiritual play that was kidnapped and a play about my wife, as well as the series Dreams of the Spider and the crime movie Except a quarter.

The beautiful artist Shwikar kept talking about her life companion and the love of her life, the artist Fouad Al-Mohandes, with overwhelming love until her death.

In a previous interview we had with Menna Al-Gawaherji, the only daughter of the late great artist Shwikar, she talked about the details of her mother’s relationship with the great artist Fouad Al-Mohandes, stressing that the friendship between them continued after their separation, and she was respectful and friendly so much that the engineer used to eat only from her hands even after the divorce.

Shwikar’s daughter referred to many situations that indicate the strong connection between the engineer and Shwikar, and between the daughter and her stepfather, as she said in her dialogue for the seventh day: “I grew up with him since I was 4 and a half years old, and I and his sons Muhammad and Ahmed were “sisters” and he treated me like his daughter and he used to raise us and teach us Everything together, he even distinguished me from them, to the point that he forgot that she was his wife’s daughter.

And she continued: “He used to take us in exams and wait until we were saved in order to reassure us, and he taught us prayer and fasting while we were children, and he was very keen on religious and social rituals and customs, so he was determined to witness the slaughter of the sacrifice on Eid al-Adha.”

Shwikar’s daughter revealed a confirmed surprise that Uncle Fouad forgot that she was not his daughter and discovered this when he went to introduce her to her at the university, saying: “I wanted to enter the Faculty of Information and my total was less than the required grades by a degree and a half, and he was an employee at the university, and on friendship with its president, and he was The law grants the children of university employees the right to deduct 5 degrees.

And she continued: “Uncle Fouad went with me to the university president and told him I want to grant degrees of exception to my daughter, Mina. The university president agreed, but when he saw my certificate, he discovered that the name was different, and he said to Uncle Fouad, I can’t help. This is the daughter of Madame Shwikar, not your daughter.”

Menna Al-Gawaherji confirmed that Amo Fouad was shocked at the time, saying: “He was so saddened that he decided to change my testimony to adopt me in his name, but my mother refused, out of concern for the feelings of my father’s family, who were on good terms with me.”

The daughter of the great artist Shwikar revealed to the seventh day that the great artist Fouad Al-Muhandis suffered from depression and signs of Alzheimer’s at the end of his life, especially after the burning of his private room, which contained all his possessions and memories.

And Menna Al-Gawaherji continued, saying: “My mother was the only one who was not forgotten by Uncle Fouad, and it was possible to forget anyone but her.”

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