Signs of the hour appear in Egypt.. A famous artist announces marriage to a dog and cohabitation with him like husbands, and the shock afflicts her Egyptian audience.. You will not believe who she is!!

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The beginning was of two words: Without it, a passport, and your joy without a groom. All are individual initiatives or behaviors, so to speak. Many girls resorted to adopting them after experiencing major disappointments.

At the hands of the husband or the fiancé, which created a behavior of the female not only hostile to her partner, but hostile to all men as a result of this disappointment.

But the famous Egyptian artist and YouTuber, Heba Mabrouk, went even further in her extremism against her husband, as she announced on social media.

Her marriage to a dog, so she published her picture on social networking sites, wearing a wedding dress next to her, a dog holding a paper that reads “Wedding Party” on it.

An indication of her claim of marrying this dog, and she added, commenting on social media: A dog has gone astray, not gone astray… Continue, you are staying.

And Heba Mabrouk, who has been active on social media since 2018, and whose number of followers exceeds one million, took this step after her dispute with the husband.

And he is Abdul Rahman Mabrouk, although the nature of these differences is not fully and precisely known, but her behavior reveals that they are sharp differences and that their marriage is approaching its end.

After publishing such a post, Mabrouk was subjected to a number of sharp and sharp comments by social media activists, most notably: “This is your position, meaning you insult yourself before you insult me.”

Your husband is a shame, what you do is, make an account for living and salt, and your path will return to your husband and for this shit, and you also have a son when he grows up and sees that he will do what or say what.”

Some went to consider that what happened may become a fad in the coming period, but it is a far-fetched possibility.

She was subjected to him by her husband who created a vengeful desire or her desire to attract attention with a completely different behavior. In any case, this is an extremist behavior that is incorrect and will not spread to become a social behavior.

Heba Mabrouk had recently announced that she had joined the events of the movie “El Alamein”, which is expected to be released during the Qibla period.

In a press release, Heba expressed her great happiness to go through the experience of acting professionally and officially, which will be tantamount to ascending to the path to stardom, especially since the work includes a large elite of bright and senior artists. gift noted,

She is waiting for the audience to see her through her work, especially as she will gain a lot of acting abilities, pointing out that the work will deal with a new and influential social story at the level of the dramatic form.

The movie “Al Alamein” is scheduled to be shown during Eid Al-Fitr, and is the first absolute starring for the artist Reem Al-Baroudi, with the participation of artist Khaled Selim, Ahmed Karara, Mohamed Mahran, Mahmoud Hegazy, the work written by Mahmoud Wahba, directed by Mohamed Jamal El-Hadini.

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