Sources: The harvest of short-staple cotton, east of Owainat, began within days, and the results are promising

The process of harvesting short-staple cotton crops begins within days of East Owainat, amid expectations of achieving very good productivity, similar to the experience of the last season, according to informed sources.

The sources revealed to “The Seventh Day” that the cotton collection operations will be carried out in both automated and manual ways, especially since not enough new harvesters were purchased; To harvest the area of ​​1250 acres, pointing out that this trend of cotton collection is enough to explain the productivity accurately, especially that the old harvesters used leave lost percentages ranging from 10 to 30%, and therefore manual harvest is better.

According to the sources, the crops supervised by the Egyptian expert, Dr. Said Abdel Tawab, an expert in cotton cultivation from the Research Center, are expected to achieve a productivity of more than 10 quintals per acre, and ranging from 10 to 12 quintals, equal to the global productivity of short-staple cotton, and in proportion as well. With the unprecedented results achieved by the experiment last year, according to Almond Bloom.

It is expected, according to the results of the experiment, that the next season will expand the cultivations in areas far from the cultivation of long-staple cotton, which will save about 3 billion dollars annually, as Egypt imports from short-staple cotton products, which prompts the Ministry of Public Business Sector to fully support the import through one of the companies Holding cotton, yarn, textile and clothing.

It is noteworthy that the experiment is supervised by the Ministries of Public Business Sector and Agriculture and several bodies commissioned by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

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