Space station astronauts conduct separation control exercises from the station

The “Ross Cosmos” corporation announced that the Russian crew members aboard the International Space Station recently conducted exercises to simulate the operations of controlling the separation of spacecraft from the station, as it was reported. RT.

On the subject, Russian cosmonaut Dmitry Petilin said: “The Russian crew members at the International Space Station conducted a training course to simulate the process of manual control of the spacecraft separation mechanism from the station.”“.

He added, “Such exercises are usually conducted periodically by the station’s visitors, using a simulator, which is a laptop computer, and the aim is to maintain the pioneers’ skills in manual control of the mechanism for separating vehicles from the station if necessary, and these exercises are followed up remotely from Before the specialists of the Gagarin Ground Center for Cosmonaut Training .. At first, the Russian crew at the station conducted exercises simulating the process of separation of vehicles from the station, taking into account the characteristics of the Soyuz MS-22 spacecraft, and after the arrival of the Soyuz MS-23 spacecraft to The station will conduct additional training to control the mechanism of its separation from the station as well“.

And the Ross Cosmos Foundation announced on January 11 that the Russian “Soyuz MS-22” vehicle docked with the station will return to Earth without astronauts, after its cooling systems were damaged due to an external factor, and it was decided to send the “Soyuz MS-23” vehicle. to the station to take some of the pioneers back to Earth.

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