SpaceX’s launch of Japan’s lunar lander delayed until November 22

It was scheduled to launch a company ispace mission 1 The Tokyo-based company, which will carry a small rover for the United Arab Emirates, among other payloads, toward the moon aboard a rocket SpaceX Falcon 9 from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida between November 9, but that timetable has now shifted to November 22.

Actors wrote ispace In an update on Monday, October 31: “This updated target launch date allows for the best mission setting when considering the lander’s fuel loading schedule and launch date availability, and an updated launch date will be announced as soon as it is confirmed.” “.

will bear Hakuto-R A variety of commercial and government payloads to the lunar surface, including two small craft. One of the rover is a small two-wheeled robot that will be operated by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, and the other is the Rashid 1, a 22-pound (10 kg) rover. Developed by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center in the United Arab Emirates .

Rashid 1 is expected to operate on the moon for only one lunar day (about 14 Earth days), but it will collect a lot of data in this short life, as the small solar-powered vehicle carries a variety of cameras, including a microscope, as well as to the Langmuir probe, which could help researchers better characterize and understand the electrically charged surface environment of the moon, according to space.

Mission 1 has taken some tangible steps towards its next launch recently, for example, the lunar lander has arrived Hakuto-R to Cape Canaveral, Florida, late last month, representatives said ISPace In an update on Monday.

The probe arrived in the United States via a cargo plane from Germany, where it was assembled and tested at the airline’s facilities ArianeGroup GmbH.

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