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Spinning and weaving sector.. Two industrial complexes in Mahalla and Beheira, and 4 new factories in Damietta

A study issued by the Egyptian Observatory affiliated with the Egyptian Center for Thought and Strategic Studies monitored the state’s efforts to advance the spinning and weaving sector, stating that with regard to the productivity of the cotton crop, Egypt has, since 2017, intensified its efforts with regard to improving and raising the crop’s productivity to make it diversified and of high quality; It implemented a plan of 19 items that included providing high-quality seeds to increase yield and quality in terms of length, strength and hardness, which was reflected in the high yield of the crop as shown in the previous figures..

And she pointed out that the plan included strengthening and advancing the local spinning and weaving industries, following up: “According to the Egyptian Cotton Institute of the Agricultural Research Center, modifications were made to the genetic makeup of cotton seed as part of a plan to expand its cultivation over the coming years, as a result of which a modern strain of cotton was produced, In addition to the production of registered seeds to preserve Egyptian cotton, as well as the mechanization of the cotton trade system to improve performance..

The study indicated that with regard to supporting farmers, Egypt has worked to enhance support for farmers by providing soft loans to them, and also included the state plan to support farmers in the new budget 2022/2023 through a number of programs that will directly benefit the farms as they will contribute to increasing the cultivated area. And productivity, as well as plans for agricultural projects that will provide job opportunities on a larger scale, noting that Egypt’s interest in the agricultural sector and support for farmers has contributed to increasing Egypt’s revenues from the sector’s exports by 1,500% since the late 1990s until now, according to USAID..

And she continued: “With regard to the spinning and weaving industry, Egypt has introduced modern technology in the spinning and weaving industry to keep pace with international standards, and integrated industrial complexes have been established (the first industrial complex in El-Mahalla spinning, 4 new factories in Damietta Company, and industrial complexes in Beheira Governorate), to include all workshops industry and creating a strong base for the industries feeding the sector..

The study stated that Egypt brought the latest machines and equipment from major international companies and developed the infrastructure of factories, and that training and qualification for workers was provided, and the efficiency of old machines was raised, in addition to developing spindles, and improving sales and marketing methods, and Egypt is also making efforts to establish the largest spinning factory in the world in the city of Al-Mahalla, which is scheduled to open in 2023, with an area of ​​62,000 square meters.

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