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Starting to implement an electronic system at the bridges and houses of bridges to prevent parking.. Video

The Ministry of the Interior has started implementing an electronic system on Views and houses of the bridges To monitor wrong parking violations that cause accidents and impede traffic.

And the General Administration of Cairo Traffic strengthened its presence in the streets and squares, with the spread of traffic services at the highest axes, to work to remove any traffic breakdowns or accidents that impede the movement of cars in the streets of the capital, and to facilitate citizens’ access to their destinations.

Traffic men deployed throughout the capital to launch intensive traffic campaigns to monitor all traffic violations of all kinds, and not to tolerate violators of traffic rules and etiquette, and all abandoned cars that are monitored in the streets and cause traffic jams are removed.

Traffic campaigns were concentrated on the highest axes and streets in Giza to monitor violations and oblige citizens to traffic rules and etiquette, and to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents resulting from driving in the opposite direction or wrong waiting on highways.

The General Traffic Department has also launched intensive campaigns on highways to reduce accidents and prevent driving under the influence of drugs, because it threatens your safety and the safety of others. Ways to intensify and spread axes control operations to prevent the emergence of any traffic densities.

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