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Steps for downloading the Cairo News Channel via the “Receiver” (Infographic)

The “Cairo News” channel will be launched after a few hours, which carries the slogan of accuracy and honesty in transmitting news from the heart of the event, and analysis and depth in dealing with all the events taking place in all countries of the world.

Steps to download Cairo News Channel via the receiver

We review the steps to download the Cairo News Channel via the receiver:

-Pressing the menu button on the remote control

-Choose installation or Installation

Enter the list of frequencies or the Transponder list

-Choose to add a new frequency

Enter the frequency of the new channel with accuracy V 11747


– Press the OK button

– Save and watch the channel

The official announcement of the “Cairo News” channel reviewed a large list of broadcasters and senior media professionals who decorated the screen with its first launch, and they are: Khairy Hassan, Jamal Enayat, Adel Hammouda, Hassani Bashir, Kamal Madi, Mohamed Abdel Rahman, Ahmed Abu Zaid, Ahmed Beshto, Hammam Mujahid, Mohamed Gad, Fadi Ghaly and Tamer Hanafy. Omaima Tammam, Jumana Hashem, Iman Al-Huwazi, Dina Zahra, Dina Salem, Aya Lotfi, Lilas Kavozi, Fairouz Makki, Raghda Abu Laila, Marina Al-Masry, Noha Darwish, Raghda Mounir, Amal Al-Hanawi, Linda Abdel-Latif, Mona Shukr, Rasha Emad, Hoda Kamal, Sherine Ghassan, Dalia Abu Amira, Aya Al-Kfoury, Shaima Al-Kurdi and Shaima Al-Kurdi.

The official announcement of the channel carries many messages that the channel targets: In dealing.. honesty in analysis.. here we transcend borders in the midst of a world teeming with events in search of the abstract truth.. here is the capital of news.. here is Cairo.”

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