Steps.. How to update your iPhone to iOS 16

Apple began rolling out its latest operating system – iOS16 – for iPhone devices starting September 12, with the update now available for download for all users using compatible iPhones via an Over-the-Air (OTA) update.

iOS 16: Key Features

iOS16 brings many new features and improvements to iPhones which include lock screen customizations, the ability to unsend and edit sent text messages, smart photo cropping, battery percentage indicator and more.

How to get iOS 16 update

The iOS 16 update rolled out via the Over-the-Air update, users have the option to either wait until they receive an update notification or force them to manually check for and download the update.

Things to consider before installing iOS 16 update

Make sure you have enough free storage space on your iPhone to download and install the update, also check if you have enough battery to install the update, but most importantly, back up all your data in case something goes wrong, your data will be safe.

How to install iOS 16 update on your smartphone

1. Head to Settings

2. Click on General

3. Then, tap on Software Update

4. Now, tap on “Upgrade to iOS 16”

If your phone has a passcode, you will be asked to enter it

Once you download the update, it will ask you if you want to install it right away or install tonight.

Alternatively, you can enable automatic updates, open Settings -> General -> Software update -> Automatic updates. Once enabled, the iOS 16 update will be downloaded and installed automatically as your phone is charged and connected to Wi-Fi.

How to update from iOS 16 beta to stable update

There are people who have installed the iOS 16 beta on their iPhone, those who want to continue receiving beta updates like iOS16.1 or later (when available) can stick with the beta, however, those who want to leave the Trial version Simply install the firmware update by following the steps above.

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