Surprise about the truth of the video of the young man who embarrassed the arbitration in “Arab’s Got Talent”

Over the past two days, the pioneers of social networking sites shared a video clip entitled “A young Yemeni man embarrasses the jury in the “Arabs Got Talent” program.

The clip showed a young man appearing on the stage of the program and singing the chant “Ya Hafez al-Quran.” The journalist Ali Jaber expresses his objection to the matter, and presses the red button,

Then he presses the same button in front of the artists Najwa Karam and Ahmed Helmy, who were enjoying the young man’s performance, as the clip showed, and they objected to what “Jaber” did.

Then the video monitors the young man embarrassing Ali Jaber, saying: “I did not want to waste anyone’s time, I just came to remind you of the Holy Qur’an that you forgot… what you are looking for is a real time waste.”

And he continued: “I know that you are looking for songs that are not useful, or trivial things, and then you call them talents, even though the competitions and monks that belong to us as Muslims are the recitation of the Noble Qur’an, the competition in memorizing the Book of God, and the singing of the Islamic religion, inventions, industries and many things that are Which are called talents, and deserve to be called talents.”

And he continued: “But you turned to a path that is not yours and an approach that is not yours, which is to imitate foreigners in all their programs, movements, arrivals and tours, and you turned in the path of those who are looking for happiness in this world only, because they do not know that true happiness is in the hereafter, which is the happiness of winning heaven, and what is greater. the Paradise”.

The young man added: “What everyone needs in this world is found in this Noble Qur’an, which was revealed to the best of the messengers, Muhammad – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him. Praise be to God, we are alive now, and the field is open, leaving sins possible, and the gates of Paradise are open.”

For its part, the Saudi Anti-Rumors Authority clarified the truth of that circulating clip.

In a post on her official account on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”, she confirmed that the circulating video entitled “A Yemeni youth embarrasses the jury in the program (Arabs Got Talent) with a chant, Hafez al-Quran” is digitally modified and incorrect.

The authority indicated that the modified video was published on the channel “Noah Al-Huwaiti” or “Hyper Yemeni” on “YouTube”, stressing that this channel always publishes fabricated videos about talent programs.

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