Syndicate of Banks: The implementation of social protection programs confirms the state’s keenness to protect its citizens

Solaf Darwish, President of the General Syndicate of Banks and Undersecretary of the Manpower Committee in the House of Representatives, praised the new assignments of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to the government, with a social protection package for citizens, costing 67 billion pounds, which will start to be implemented from next month, taking into account the current conditions of the Egyptian citizen.

Solaf said that this “new package” is a continuation of the social protection programs implemented by the state for the benefit of the citizen, especially the neediest groups, which confirms that the Egyptian state is keen to support its citizens in times of crises and challenges that threaten the whole world.

She explained in a press statement today, Friday, that this “package”, which consists in raising the tax exemption limit from 24 thousand pounds to 30 thousand pounds, and financial support for companies that stumbled due to the global crisis, in order to prevent layoffs, and raise the minimum wage from 2,700 pounds to 3000 pounds. And the continuation of not increasing electricity prices until June 30, 2023, and the adoption of an exceptional allowance to confront the high cost of living in the amount of 300 for all state workers, including pensioners, all of which confirm President Sisi’s keenness to reduce the burdens on citizens, and that he feels the challenges facing them.

Darwish said that the whole world is in a crisis that is reflected in prices and other things, adding that the pensioners are in the heart and mind of President Sisi from his first day in taking over the country, and he ordered the government after the Ukrainian war to increase pensions and the increase was 13%, in addition to the rest of the privileges in The new package,” referring to the coincidence of these social decisions with the economic conference, and the ongoing preparations for holding the Climate Summit in Sharm El-Sheikh, confirms the stability of the Egyptian state, which has succeeded in eliminating terrorism, and is now taking firm steps towards the “new republic.”

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