Tarek El-Ashry: I had enough and my patience ran out in Smouha

Tariq El-Ashry, coach of the first football team at Smouha Club, expressed his anger over the attack he is exposed to from time to time inside his Alexandrian club, stressing that he had had enough and had run out of patience and what was happening with him was a “disgrace”, especially since he was working under strong pressure.

And Al-Ashry confirmed, during televised statements to “2 on time sports” channel, that all of Egypt knows who Tariq Al-Ashry is, who won four championships, indicating that he talked about the history of Egyptian football from a tactical point of view, and the insults that happen to him are not correct at all.

Tariq Al-Ashry sent a message to those who criticize him in the Smouha administration, citing the Qur’anic verse: “God defends those who believe.” He continued: “I am striving to achieve success and I will not buy it.

The coach of the Smouha team revealed that he did not lose from Al-Ahly technically in the Egyptian Cup, indicating that all of Egypt knows how the Alexandrian team bid farewell to the cup, stressing that Al-Hani Suleiman excluded the goalkeeper due to his lack of focus.

And Al-Ashry explained that Ziyad Tariq Al-Maar, who is loaned from Al-Ahly to Smouha, is imposed on him and does not need him because he has players in his position, indicating that Khaled Abdel-Fattah, the right back of the team, left to the Red Castle without his consent, pointing out that all the deals he requested involve him in the stadium and there is no truth to what is said. About wasting money.

And he continued: “The members of the board of directors are sticking to my stay, and I say to them, I wish you would walk me, and what is happening with me on satellite channels is not correct. I did not go to Smouha in order to make my name (my name is known to all people and has been done for a long time), and I have not responded to any statements, but patience has limits.”

And he added, “When I took over the training of Smouha, he was not competing for the league, and now I am building a new team. The deals I signed with all participated in the Ceramica meeting, and all I need is calmness in order to succeed.”

And Al-Ashry continued: “I presented a team for Smouha Blush after the team was spending millions, and opened the door for youngsters to play instead of relying on loans. .

He concluded: “I am not a party to the board of directors crisis, and I refuse to be a hanger, and my son has always worked with me for 4 years, and he is a son of Smouha Club, and what is said is not correct, and if the coaching regulations allowed me, I would have submitted my resignation a long time ago.”

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