Tariq Al-Mulla directs to increase gas stations on the main axes leading to the administrative capital

Engineer Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, stressed the importance of continuing to raise the efficiency of the petroleum products marketing system and services provided to citizens in line with the global development witnessed by the petroleum products transportation and circulation system.

This came during his presidency of the meetings of the general assemblies of the cooperation and Egypt Petroleum companies via video conference to approve the results of the work of the fiscal year 2021/2022, in the presence of Major General Hisham Amna, Minister of Local Development, and Engineer Ahmed Samir, Minister of Trade and Industry.

Number of attendees

El-Molla added that the remarkable development witnessed by the fuel supply stations and the main warehouses of petroleum products affiliated to the Cooperation and Misr Petroleum Companies as well-established national companies was reflected in the increase in the amount of fuel sales, and directed an increase in the number of stations on the main axes leading to new cities such as the Administrative Capital, New Alamein City and other modern cities.

The Minister of Petroleum also directed the expansion of ship catering activity, especially with the increase in vessel movement in the Suez Canal and Alexandria ports, as well as the expansion of aircraft catering activity at Egypt’s various airports, as well as working to increase new outlets for the sale of specialized chemical products in the local market, and opening new markets for the export of mineral oils. and high-quality specialized products to generate additional dollar revenues for the national economy.

Al Mulla pointed to the importance of commitment to development, safety, occupational health, digital transformation, and training of workers to increase performance efficiency and control the process of handling and transporting petroleum products by installing RTG devices in warehouses and vehicles for transporting petroleum products to places of distribution and consumption. Revenues.

Engineer Ayman Naguib, Chairman of the Cooperation Petroleum Company, presented the most important business results during the year through its activities in the marketing of main petroleum products, oils, ship supply and petrochemical products. Tons of all types of gasoline, diesel and diesel through 1262 stations and outlets spread all over Egypt, indicating that the company’s share of the total general market for the main products amounted to 31%, while its share of oils reached 20%, in addition to its sales of chemical products and in the field of ship catering The total implemented investments amounted to about 672 million pounds, to implement a number of replacement and renewal projects, establish storage warehouses and service stations, purchase tanker cars, and industrial security and environmental protection projects.

During the Misr Petroleum Company’s assembly, the company’s president, Eng. Mohamed Shaaban, indicated that the number of marketing outlets was increased by 14 new outlets, bringing the total number of the company’s car service and catering stations to 1,522 stations in various governorates of Egypt, pointing out that the development of 66 stations and outlets was completed during the year. It also succeeded in adding the natural gas supply activity in 173 stations. He indicated that the company achieved total sales of 8.5 million tons of various petroleum products, an increase of 32% over the previous year, in addition to what it achieved in the field of catering for planes, ships and railway locomotives, in addition to producing All types of mineral oils for the company and its sister companies, and review the company’s development of warehouses, occupational safety and health systems, rationalization of spending and digital transformation in its various activities.

The association was attended by geologist Ashraf Farag, First Undersecretary of the Ministry for Agreements and Exploration, Professor Ibrahim Khattab, Assistant Minister for Structural Development and Human Resources, Dr. Hisham Lotfi, Assistant Minister for Legal Affairs and Accountant Hisham Noureddine, Head of the Central Department of the Minister’s Office and Accountant Ashraf Qutb, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Petroleum for Financial and Economic Affairs, and Engineer Mahmoud Nagy, Assistant Minister for Transmission and Distribution Petroleum products and geologist Alaa El-Batal, CEO of the EGPC and his deputies, Dr. Magdy Galal, President of the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company, Mr. Mohamed Gibran, President of the General Union of Petroleum Workers, accountant Mohamed Abdel-Fattah, First Undersecretary of the Central Auditing Organization, representatives of the ministries of finance, trade, industry, planning and the Public Business Sector Information Center.

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