Tax Authority: VAT refund for non-resident departure in foreign currency

Mokhtar Tawfik, head of the Egyptian Tax Authority, stressed the keenness of the Ministry of Finance and the authority to implement the necessary measures that would facilitate tax refunds for non-resident departing tourists, encourage the investment process, promote the local economy, and activate the buying and selling movement in the local market, adding that this comes as a framework for preparing for the work of the conference. Parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change at its twenty-seventh session (cop 27), which Egypt will host next November.

Mokhtar Tawfik explained that foreign visitors to Egypt are entitled to a refund of the value-added tax on their purchases, after several conditions are met, which are that the period of their stay does not exceed three months, and the value of purchases on the invoice or receipt is not less than 1500 Egyptian pounds, and that They exit their purchases with them, indicating that the value-added tax is refunded in foreign currency through the foreign bank card of the departures.

With regard to the steps to return the value-added tax to the visitor leaving the country, “Mukhtar Tawfiq” said that the visitor should go to one of the shops registered with the Egyptian Tax Authority to purchase the commodity, and obtain the purchase invoice/receipt with a detailed description of the purchased goods in terms of type, number and value, and an explanation The value added tax is a separate item and the total price is inclusive of tax, and in the case of an electronic system, the passport number is recorded on the invoice / receipt data, indicating that upon departure the purchases are presented to the customs officer responsible at the customs port to inspect the purchased goods and match them on the response form and approve purchase invoices The value-added tax is refunded in foreign currency through the foreign bank card of the departure.

Mokhtar Tawfik indicated that the Egyptian Tax Authority issued Resolution No. 484 of 2022, which addresses the financiers or taxpayers located in the geographical scope of the city of Sharm El-Sheikh to issue electronic tax receipts on the electronic receipt system in the actual operating environment, whether they conduct their activities through a main center or branch. This is within the framework of the measures taken by the authority to facilitate tax refund procedures for non-resident departing tourists.

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