Tech companies press Twitter to censor COVID-19 patent sharing invitations

Western biotech companies pressured Twitter to censor calls to share COVID-19 vaccine patents and produce low-cost generic treatments, according to a new slide of Twitter files, it reported. RT.

The companies also funded a nonprofit organization that created tools to combat misinformation, but refused to report misleading claims before. Big Pharma.

Lobbying efforts by companies such as Biotechnology and Pfizer and Moderna, on Monday by Li Fang Fei The objectionBased on internal Twitter connections.

Fang reported that in December 2020, Twitter lobbyist Nina Morsheiser in Europe shared with colleagues a warning she had received from a company. Biotechnology and the German government over a campaign that might violate Twitter’s terms of service“.

The campaign called for making Covid vaccines more accessible to poor countries by giving up patent protection. and sent Merschhauser application of @BioNTechto hide” the activists’ posts targeting the pharmaceutical company’s account. It is not clear what action, if any, Twitter took.

Likewise with Public interest projects, a non-governmental organization that has created tools to identify and report alleged misinformation about public health, including the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her strongest campaign secured $1,275,000 in funding from biotech companies, according to tax returns reviewed by Fang..

Chief Executive Joe Smeiser described the work as a good faith effort to remove misinformation online. But an investigation The objection It found that some of the tweets the NGO described as problematic were legitimate discussion about politics, such as criticism of vaccine passports, and the stronger campaign did not target obvious misinformation that was beneficial to its funders, such as November 2022. A group claimed PHRMA Industry reports that 4.4 million jobs in the United States could be threatened with waiver of vaccine patent protection. Smeiser replied that his job was to encourage people to get a vaccine.

And achieved Big Pharma billions of dollars in profits from the Covid vaccine, Nick Durden, director of Global Justice Now, told the website The objectionIts attempts to “stifle digital dissent during a pandemic, when tweets and emails are some of the only forms of protest available to those confined to their homes, are deeply sinister.”“.

When discussing how vaccine rights activists could engage in “unwanted behavior” in December 2020, Holger Kersting, a spokesperson for Twitter in Germany, pointed to three posts he said likely violated its terms of service, two of which came from Terry. Brough, a 74-year-old retired British construction worker.

He mocked the high profile, telling Fang that in Che Guevara’s absence he prided himself on being an “activist, trade unionist and socialist” and wished he could have done more..

The story marks Fang’s second contribution to the Twitter Files, a series of reports by several journalists who were offered access to the platform’s documents by Elon Musk after he bought the company.

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