Telegram is ahead of WhatsApp in terms of traffic volume in Russia

Messenger outperforms Telegram“cable On “WhatsApp” in terms of the volume of call traffic through it in Russia, while still The WhatsApp In the first place in terms of the number of users, as I quoted RT.

This is according to data from Russian mobile operators.

And he continued cable Maintaining its leadership position since March 2022. In the last two weeks of last December, its share in total traffic in messaging programs reached 61%, compared to 28% for WhatsApp. In January 2023, Telegram’s share continued to grow and reached 62% compared to 27% for WhatsApp.“.

According to the company MTS Russian, the share cable Of the total message traffic accounted for about 80% and is still making progress The WhatsApp in terms of user activity. As for “WhatsApp”, it is still ahead of “Telegram” and other messaging applications in terms of the number of users.

Traffic volume on The WhatsApp Stable, neither growth nor decline, and the current consumption level is equivalent to the level of April 2022. At the same time, the volume of traffic exceeded cable The current year is what it is for WhatsApp, and it continues to grow. For example, the growth in the first two weeks of January was 68%..

Firm said Phone 2 Russian to run phones that cable It accounts for about 75% of the volume of correspondence traffic in Russia, while it belongs to The WhatsApp Only 19%, she added: “At the same time, she didn’t excel cable yet on The WhatsApp In terms of the number of users, it ranks second“.

According to the chief analyst of the Russian Association of Electronic Communications, Karen Kazaryan, the cable Will not advance soon The WhatsApp In terms of the number of users in the country. Kazarian said: “Because The WhatsApp He has almost the entire mobile network in Russia, and they can break even on the condition that the number of WhatsApp users decreases.

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