That’s enough, it’s forbidden for you, I’m tired.. The actress Yousra is in Agra and the most violent scene from Adel Imam’s hot movie, which caused Yousra’s bleeding and crying and the director’s anger..all of it is that

In her performance and spontaneity, Yousra rose to the throne of the greatest Egyptian actors and artists. All of her films were with the heroes of Egyptian art and cinema, such as the artist Adel Imam, and perhaps more. This is what distinguished the artist, Yousra, as she was known for her bold and hot scenes. The film in which I participated is almost devoid of bold scenes, and this is what we will talk about in our article, in which we will show the most daring and violent scene that I watched with the artist Adel Imam and the artist Mustafa Metwally.

And the Egyptian actress, Yousra, considered that kisses and bold scenes in cinema are not a defect, because the latter needs romance and imagination.

Yousra responded, in her statements to Adel Imam, who talked about her bold scenes in his films, that Egyptian cinema throughout her life has been doing that, presenting hot and bold scenes. Kisses are neither a mistake nor a defect as long as they are employed in the film in a good and correct way, and are placed in their natural place so that If it is omitted, it will greatly affect the cinematic work.

Because it contains a strange idea of ​​a man who came from the past to our world to meet the ruler, causing comedy that stems from the situations the leader finds himself in.

But what many people may not know about the movie is that one of the movie scenes caused Yusra’s back injury when the late Mostafa Metwally threatened Adel Imam by tearing her dress during a scene that those who saw it did not expect to cause the panic and panic it caused. For the filming crew and those present at the scene.

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