The Arab Contractors responds to the owner of Chelsea: Mohamed Salah is our son, and the statements indicate a lack of understanding

Eng. Mohamed Adel Fathy, a member of the Arab Contractors Club Board of Directors, expressed his astonishment at the statements of the owner of Chelsea Football Club, in which he spoke about Mohamed, the star of Egypt and Liverpool.

Fathi responded to the American businessman, saying: “What the new owner of Chelsea Club says is clowning and lack of understanding, and there is no difference in the basis that Mohamed Salah is one of the juniors of the Arab Contractors, and Boilly’s belief that he is one of the Chelsea juniors is a lack of understanding.”

Fathi added that Mohamed Salah is a pride for the Arab Contractors Club and the Egyptian and Arab football, and the Arab Contractors is honored that he is one of his sons.

The football supervisor explained that the whole year knows Mohamed Salah’s career and how it was his beginning in the Arab Contractors Club, but it seems that the owner of Chelsea is the only person in the world who is ignorant of this information.

And the American businessman, Todd Boyle, owner of Chelsea FC, was ridiculed for his statements about Mohamed Salah.

And Boley said, in statements reported by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, that the Chelsea Academy has produced many stars such as Mohamed Salah and De Bruyne.

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