The Assistant Minister of Housing discusses with the Swedish Ambassador a number of joint files

Abdel-Khaleq Ibrahim: Discussing ways of cooperation in the transport and communications sector to support sustainable urban development in new cities in the Greater Cairo Region

The Swedish ambassador in Cairo expresses his aspiration to cooperate in the national projects adopted by the ministry and which contribute to achieving sustainable urban development in Egypt.

Dr. Abdel-Khaleq Ibrahim, Assistant Minister of Housing for Technical Affairs, on behalf of Dr. Assem El-Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, met with Ambassador Hokan Emsjord, Ambassador of Sweden in Cairo, in the presence of ministry officials, to discuss a number of common files between the two sides, in preparation for the climate conference. “COP27”, which will be held in Sharm El-Sheikh, next November.

Dr. Abdel-Khaleq Ibrahim explained that during the meeting, they discussed ways of cooperation in the transportation sector, in a way that supports sustainable urban development, in the new cities of the Greater Cairo Region, with the aim of facing the challenges facing the region, which include the dependence of a large segment of citizens on private cars for transportation. On the other hand, the inability of traditional public transportation to meet the needs of citizens, either in coverage, frequency or comfort, which exacerbates the problem of traffic congestion, prolonged travel time for citizens, and an increase in carbon dioxide emissions, which certainly increases air pollution and global warming. .

The Assistant Minister of Housing for Technical Affairs added that the ministry’s vision to achieve the strategy of new sustainable cities was also discussed, as well as the discussion of the rapid bus transport project “BRT”, which is intended to connect the new 6th of October city, with the city of Giza (Giza Square), passing through the city of Sheikh Zayed, October Gardens, Al-Ahram Gardens, and Al-Haram neighborhood. This project will contribute to the transition to a sustainable transportation system, due to the contribution to the movement of citizens from new cities to existing cities, by means of direct mass transportation, which was not covered before, in addition to that the service provided It will be at the highest level in terms of frequency, speed and comfort, in order to allocate a lane for buses only, and to introduce air conditioning systems on buses, and other services that facilitate citizens.

For his part, Ambassador Hokan Emsjord of Sweden in Cairo expressed his aspiration to provide the required support for these projects, as well as an aspiration to cooperate in other national projects adopted by the Ministry of Housing, which contribute to achieving sustainable urban development in Egypt.

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