The Business Sector Companies Regulation prohibits the appointment of relatives and determines the conditions for filling jobs

The new human resources regulations for public business sector companies set the conditions for occupying jobs in companies, and clearly prohibited the appointment of relatives up to the third degree, as Article 20 stipulates that the worker nominated for the job must fulfill the following justifications and declarations within a maximum of 15 days from the date of his notification in a recommended letter He must acknowledge receipt at the address recorded in the application submitted by him to fill the position.

The candidacy is considered null and void if the candidate does not apply to take up the job within the fifteen days following the date of being notified of attendance, and the right of those who did not realize the role to be appointed lapses after the lapse of two months from the date of announcing the exam result.

First: The reasons for appointment:

1 .A mechanized birth certificate or an official extract thereof.

2 .3 copies of the national ID card, provided that it matches the marital status.

3 .A copy of the marriage certificate and the birth certificate of the children, if any.

4 .A valid criminal record.

5 .The academic qualification or proof of obtaining it, or proof of obtaining a certificate of literacy in jobs that require an academic qualification.

6 .Experience certificate if required.

7 .Attitude towards conscription for males.

8 .Public service certificate for females .

9 .Certificate of registration in the relevant professional syndicate, if required .

10.Registration certificate from the labor office.

11.Six personal photos measuring 3 x 4 cm inside an envelope.

12.Vocational qualification certificate for persons with disabilities or integrated services card .

13.Residence card and work permit for non-Egyptians.

14.Evidence of medical fitness to fill the position, as received from the competent medical authority of the company, and drug detection tests.

15.A printer from the Social Insurance Authority with the previous service periods, if any.

16.Driving license for drivers and a traffic department data certificate with the gradation of the license

for drivers.

Second: Acknowledgments:

1 .Acknowledgment of receipt of work.

2 .An acknowledgment not to combine two jobs.

3 .An acknowledgment that he has not been dismissed from service by a final disciplinary ruling or decision, or by a republican decision.

4 .An acknowledgment that he did not receive a pension, and if there was one, then the entity and the amount he receives should be clarified.

5 .Financial disclosure .

6 .Declaration of commitment to confidentiality of information.

7 .Acknowledgment of social status.

8 .An acknowledgment from the worker to notify the Human Resources Department of any change in the marital status with his personal data, within a maximum of one month from the date of the change

Article 22 of the regulations specified the impediments to appointment, as it stipulated that, taking into account the provision of Article 7 of this regulation, it is prohibited to appoint a job that is not included in the approved job schedule for the company, and it is not permissible for any employee or member of the board of directors of the company to participate, directly or indirectly, in the decision to appoint or Employing any person related to him up to the third degree, whether that person is a permanent or temporary worker.

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