The captain of the Ma’zoun reveals the punishment of the Ma’zoun who gave the notebook to the wife of the woman

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Wednesday 14 September 2022

Books – Youssef Afifi:

Sheikh Islam Amer, the head of the Ma’zoun Syndicate, commented on the fact that the marriage certificate book was given to the wife of the blogger Ahmed Ibrahim, and the marriage contract was done by herself.

This came after the pioneers of social networking sites on “Facebook” circulated the role of a young woman in the role of the official and the marriage contract by herself.

Amer confirmed, in televised statements, that this marriage is legally and legally permissible, due to the completion of all the legal and legal conditions in it, which is the “offer and acceptance” of both parties to the contract, and it was documented in an official document that is registered and registered in the court and civil status.

He pointed out that the blogger’s husband, Ahmed Ibrahim, is not authorized, nor is his father authorized, nor is the wife authorized, pointing out that the groom’s father may work in the office of an authorized person, and I think his son helps him in this work, and so far we have not reached the person who gave them the marriage book.

He continued, “The form of the notebook in which the marriage was documented is not the same as the marriage books of the authorized persons, and it is obligatory for the authorized person to write the document himself and personally, without resorting to anyone,” because there is a responsibility that falls on the authorized person in this matter; Because there is no such thing as an authorized agent.”

The head of the Ma’zoun Syndicate confirmed that the authorized person who granted the marriage book to them faces the penalty of suspension from work and his dismissal from work for documenting marriage contracts.

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