The cassation resolves the case.. The full story of the rape of the Dakahli girl

12:16 PM

Tuesday 13 September 2022

Books – Tarek Samir:

Today, Tuesday, the Tenth Circuit of the Court of Cassation issues a misdemeanor verdict on the student accused of raping his colleague and having a child with her, known in the media as the “Amal Girl of Dakahlia” case, the aggressor.

In the following lines, “Masrawy” monitors the full story of the incident from beginning to end.

In March 2018, in the village of Chena, in the Aga district of Dakahlia Governorate, Amal Abdel Hamid, a girl who was no more than 18 years old, and who was preparing to get married within a few days, was subjected to an incident of assault and rape, which resulted in a girl, a long journey to prove the assault and then the lineage of the girl.

The Monitoring and Analysis Unit of the Public Prosecutor’s Office monitored, during the circulation of several claims, of a girl named Amal Abdel Hamid, to re-investigate a person who had previously reported during 2018 that he had assaulted her by having sex with her against her will, after she had found new evidence of the incident, demanding that she be able to prove the lineage of a child she gave birth to to the complainant. in his right.

During the month of June 2018, the complainant wrote another report – after circulating several clips of her on social media – in which she reported that she had obtained a witness to the accident she was exposed to, and asked to hear his testimony, and the arrest of the accused who infringed her, and matching the genetic fingerprint taken from her daughter with his DNA to prove He attributed her to her as evidence of the incident, especially after a lawsuit she filed to prove her lineage to him was rejected.

The prosecution heard the complainant and the witness to the incident, who confirmed that the accused informed him of his complaint, and that the child she gave birth to is his daughter, so the Public Prosecutor ordered the arrest and questioning of the accused.

In implementation of the Public Prosecution’s order, the police were able to arrest the accused, and after interrogating him, the Public Prosecution ordered his detention and presenting him to the Forensic Medicine Authority to take a sample of his genetic fingerprint, and to match it with the fingerprint of the child the complainant gave birth to.

The accused had previously proposed to her and she rejected him, and after learning of her last engagement, he verbally assaulted her and threatened, according to her, that he would end her engagement in any way.

According to the investigations, the accused did not complete her engagement and after that the pregnancy was discovered and she was transferred to Cairo in a poor health condition, and she was examined and the doctor recommended that a report be drawn up because there is evidence of sexual assault. 2018, Amal was referred to the forensic medicine department, which proved the existence of an assault on her.

In February 2021, the Mansoura Criminal Juvenile Court acquitted the defendant of the charges of kidnapping, indecent assault and rape.

The court ruled, by accepting the appeal submitted by the Public Prosecution in the matter, upholding the verdict of acquittal of the accused, and that the victim student was in a romantic relationship with the accused, which developed into childbearing and refused to acknowledge the girl, and there is no suspicion of kidnapping and rape.

On March 23, 2021, the Public Prosecution submitted a request to the Court of Cassation to appeal the verdict of the acquittal of the accused of kidnapping and having sexual intercourse with the victim against her will, in the city of Aga in Dakahlia.

The Tenth Circuit of the Court of Cassation for misdemeanours considered the case again and issued a decision to seize and bring the accused student after he was absent from the confrontation session between him and the victim, and it is scheduled to issue its final verdict today, Tuesday.

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