The date of the Iraq and Oman match today in the Gulf 25, and the free channels broadcasting the opening ceremony

The date of the Iraq-Oman match, and the broadcast channels for the match, which are included The most important matches of the day which is awaited by the fans of the round witch in the Arab world, where Iraq hosts the tournament, and the match will be held at the opening of the Arab Gulf Cup Championship version 25, which begins today, January 6 and ends on the 18th of the same month, and the tournament includes 8 Gulf teams divided into two groups, each group includes four Teams, the first group includes Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Oman, while the second group includes Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and the Emirates, to compete for the title, and the match will be held on the grounds of the Basra International Stadium, and here are the details of the date of the Iraq and Oman game and the channels broadcasting the match.

The date of the match between Iraq and Oman

Iraq and Oman match today

The Iraqi national team, which is the owner of the land and the audience, enters the match with one goal, which is to win, and is supported by the large masses who attend the match, as the Al-Rafidain national team won the championship title three times and seeks to win for the fourth time, and the Iraqi national team is led by Spanish coach Jesus Casas, and although the Iraqi national team is not At his best, however, he is the favorite to win the tournament.

While the Omani national team is entering the meeting, led by Croatian Branko Ivankovic, with the hope of winning the championship for the third time, as it won the championship title only twice, so the match is expected to be strong between the two teams, and the coach of the Iraqi national team stated that he has confidence in his players to win and play a strong match , Although most clubs refused to join the players to the national team, but it is able to win the participating players.

The date of the game Iraq and Oman in the Gulf Cup

The match between Iraq and Oman will be held on Friday, January 6, 2023, at the opening of the Gulf Cup, at the following times:

  • At exactly 5:45 pm Cairo local time.
  • At exactly 6:45 pm Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Qatar time.

The history of the two teams’ confrontations is large and full, as the first meeting dates back to 1976, when the two teams met 31 times. The Iraqi team succeeded in winning in 15 matches, while the Omani team won in only 7 matches, and the tie was the master of the situation between the two teams in 9 meetings, and the last meeting was in September 9 ended in a tie between the two teams. Iraq scored 51 goals against the Omani team, while the Omani team scored 26 times against Iraq.

Channels broadcasting the Iraq-Oman match at the opening of the 2023 Gulf Cup

The Iraq-Oman match at the opening of the 2023 Gulf Cup will be broadcast on several channels, including:

  • Oman Sports Channel
  • Iraqi sports channel
  • Abu Dhabi Sports Channel
  • Dubai Sports Channel

The tournament is broadcast on more than one Arab sports channel, including the Qatari Cup channel / the Saudi ssc sports channel / the Iraqi fourth channel / the Iraqi sports channel / the Kuwaiti sport channel Kuwait / the Dubai sports channel. Nile sat.

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